Renovation of flats

We offer


Unique design projects

We create new spaces and transform square meters into the world of harmony, coziness and comfort in our clients’ houses. Therefore, elite design renovations are exactly the aspects Diome Company is well-known for. We select the best materials, technologies, brands, stylistic conceptions for Your projects.


The unique design conceptions

It is exactly what an elite renovation starts with. A design conception is a ground for all further renovation and interior activities. It is an absolute visualization of Your house design project in the form of 3D-model.


The project completion in due time

We always start working activities only after the Contract and agreed Estimation, where the costs of all required services and stuff are indicated, are signed. The renovation stages and its completion terms are also clearly stipulated in the Contract. It is our 100% responsibility all works to be executed in accordance with the Estimation and within the terms specified.


The Project Stepwise Payment

We are confident in quality of our services – therefore, we do not take advance payments. The payment is made only when the determined type of services / works is executed.


The best building materials

Our partner system numbers more than 500 suppliers of stuff and equipment in Ukraine and Europe, and more than 800 Italian furniture factories. We offer services and goods of the highest quality only, thus, our Customers can be absolutely confident in their choice.


The warranty servicing

All our exclusive renovation works are covered by 5 years warranty. It is important, that, at the same time, less than 1% of our clients appeal to us for warranty servicing. How do we succeed to guarantee quality? It is achieved due to our specialists’ experience of many years and use of the best technologies and materials.

Project Creation Stages

  1. The thorough study of the client’s accommodation unit and his preferences

    Elite renovation of flats is not only the materials of premium-class. It is important for us to make Your house or flat so as Your dreams about space and comfort to be realized. Therefore, first of all, we study thoroughly an accommodation unit, Your desires and possibilities to realize them in full.

  2. An Individual Design-Project Elaboration

    Premium renovation of flats is impossible to be carried out without a design-project. From an idea and Your desires to the complete concept and its detailed 3D-model – a talented, experienced designer creates a unique, individual project for You. We do start our works only after they are approved.

  3. Design-Project Elaboration

    The complex process includes disassembling, rough and decoration operations. You accept the result in a stepwise way and in accordance with the determined schedule of terms. At the same time, Diome Company undertakes its own control and supervision at every working stage, what guarantees the final result to be in full compliance with the design-project approved.

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