Elite Real Estate Sale

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Elite real estate selection

Our specialists will accurately find Your flat, house or business premises among “lights” of a big city. You will have a wide choice – we will make selection of the best variants in the city or its regions exactly in compliance with Your requirements. In Diome you will be also able to get a professional consultation as per real estate and development – including a complete project development – from the conception initial elaboration up to post-selling services.


Legal support

The decision to purchase an elite house / accommodation is always well thought and planned. The aspect of the deal safety and further registration of legal documents must be carried out under control of a competent Lawyer, Estimator and independent Advisers. We gathered knowledge, experience and skills of the best specialists of the city in our Company. When choosing the elite real estate purchase with Diome, your deal successful process is always predictable, there are no hidden dangers and you receive the expected result in pleasant atmosphere of goodwill of our experts.



Selling of elite accommodations is a laborious and rather difficult process. Employees of Diome Company verify each aspect to make you feel comfortable within the whole deal process. We provide our clients with the thorough support within the whole period, up to the deal completion. Our experts will undertake all actions required to legalize the ownership rights and other necessary documents. It is easy and pleasant to purchase a flat or a house with us!

Project Creation Stages

  1. The first contact with Diome

    A phone call, email letter or any other communication method at Your convenience – we are 24/7 open for cooperation and ready to study Your request in details.

  2. Cooperation start

    As soon as we receive complete information about an elite real estate unit, we will initiate the actions to select variants for You. You may consider several variants from the suggested ones.

  3. Review of real estate units

    We set review of the variants being the most interesting for You on the date and at time at Your convenience, including holidays and weekend days.

  4. The Deal Legal Aspects

    Legalization of the deal of purchase and sale of an elite real estate unit demands thorough control and verification. Our lawyers will undertake all measures to secure Your buyer’s rights. Seller’s responsibilities, freeness from any burdens and other important aspects are carefully checked before the deal is arranged.

  5. The Deal Registration

    We will be happy to secure you from queues and long registration formalities to legalize Your ownership right. To verify, examine and ascertain that all documents to be made within the shortest terms and that they are legally correct to protect Your ownership interests in future – it is a business of competent Lawyers of Diome Company.

  6. The Deal Completion

    Our congratulations! Now You are a happy owner of an elite real estate unit with the complete set of legal documents on hands.

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