Luxurious penthouse in Arkadiya district

The total area

250 sq.m.


Odessa city



The window view in the flat at the seaside in Arkadiya district is only the fist advantage of the owner of this flat in “Gagarinskiy” residential complex. The beige facade made from ceramic bricks, roundish windows – this modern, stylish building fascinates. Relaxing atmosphere of recreational area with plenty of green and fresh sea breeze creates a special life style.



The most advanced infrastructure for life and relaxation surrounds you here. Restaurants of any cuisine, sport practice territory, supermarkets, stores and beauty shops – all these are at your disposal.



The residential complex, where the flat is located, consists of three sections of 23 storeys each one, where there are living premises, a ground floor, an underground parking of two levels and a guest parking. The territory, which the residential complex is located at, is fenced in and 24 hours protected. It is also planted with trees and gardens and equipped with the modern services and amenities.

The quantity of rooms: 3
The quantity of storeys: 3
The total area: 250 sq.m.

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