The modern flat made in Classic style

The total area

175.39 sq.m.


Odessa city



The sanitary district of old Odessa with its history and contemporaneity, odour of blooming acacias and promenades at the seaside along the comfortable quay. It is French Boulevard. Quiet and nearness to the city center, the well-developed infrastructure and healing sea air – you will find everything required for your comfortable life here. And, surely, you have an advantage to admire picturesque dawns over the sea outside the windows of your flat situated in French Boulevard.



One of the oldest districts of Odessa city with the up-to-date infrastructure. Schools, University and supermarkets, restaurants and beauty shops – you will find everything you need in everyday life.



It is important to have your own quiet, safe “harbor”, where you will have a possibility to take a full rest and to fill yourself with energy. Pleasant additions here are the underground guest parking and heating autonomous system. The whole house is located at the secured, fenced territory; there is a child playground arranged in its yard.

The quantity of rooms: 3
The total area: 175.39 sq.m.
The living area: 65.75 sq.m.
The height of ceilings: 3 m.

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