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A conception elaboration

We build elite houses from the very start to their completion. However, everything starts from an idea; from the first mind map to a complete conception. To create a unique architectural project and an exclusive design of an interior is the most worrying part of our cooperation with a client. It is a foundation of our further mutual cooperation.


Choice of Elite Materials

Everyone, who faced with the “world” of building materials, knows that choice has no limitations here. How is it possible to guarantee a long-term quality and final result compliance to a project thought? Our specialists perfectly solve this creative task. And Diome Company will provide you with the most reasonable prices for building materials of Premium and Vip-classes. Our long-term cooperation with suppliers, including the foreign ones, gives us an opportunity to surprise our clients pleasantly.


The project completion in due time

For us building of elite houses is, first of all, the strict fulfilment of our obligations. Our experts copy perfectly with estimation and compliance with building terms. Our terms are always realistic and they are always are complied with, and you accept working results in a stepwise manner. Our Architect fulfils a strict control at all building stages.


Warranty Servicing

Diome Company is engaged in building of premium houses from 2012. We are responsible for the quality of our services and provide our clients with 5 years warranty servicing for all types of works/services performed by us. These conditions are stipulated in our Contract. We appreciate our clients and perform the best services to them!

Project Creation Stages

  1. A house individual project

    While a project elaboration the peculiarities of building area soil are taken into consideration, constructional materials are selected beforehand, engineering tube systems are worked out. The architectural and constructional part of a project is supplemented with a draft of engineering systems and, as a rule, with a renovation design-project. As a result we obtain a house ready project, which contains the whole detailed information required to execute the building operations.

  2. Preparatory Works

    Preparatory works mean to make the soil absolutely ready (in all senses) for a house building. To make a soil area ready always demands to carry out the certain operations: to determine a building spot, to remove trees and bushes, to take away a fertile soil layer and other necessary actions.

  3. Building works

    A firm foundation, strong walls, floors and ceilings, a roof appear at this stage. Engineering tube systems are made – everything goes exactly according to a building plan and strictly in compliance with the project documentation.

  4. Equipping with modern amenities and planting of trees and gardens

    Landscape design with a fountain or a pond, drainage and watering systems. A pavilion, bath-house or garden little house – all these things and many others appear at this stage.

  5. Decoration works

    It is the most worrying project part for us. It is the very moment when the house obtains its real view, character and style. Beginning with rough works (to even walls and install the engineering tube systems) and concluding with interior design operations (to place furniture and lamps). And, here is the exciting moment when the house is performed to the client!

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