Lamps of Incredible Beauty

15 March 2019

Since the electricity has come into our life, people began to fantasize how to decorate the artificial light. There were created thousands of different chandeliers, luminaires, sconces, floor lamps during two centuries… They were divided into categories and styles; the separate lighting trend has been founded in the design of interiors. Every year fashion houses create their collections of lamps and, thus, they become the author’s or designer’s works. Lamps are not only a decoration element for the electric lighting now, but they are an important part of any interior, an adornment of an individual’s life. Lamps and chandeliers are able to alter visually a living area: to enlarge it, to create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, to highlight the accents, to lay emphasis on the elements of a living area. The design and technical methods applied in lighting devices will assist both to divide a living space into areas and to present the interior from its most advantageous side.
What trends of the lighting world are actual in this season?
In designers’ opinion, comfort and coziness take, as usual, the first place when lighting an interior. Minimalism of forms combines with the variety of colors, textures and styles. In our time of informational technologies a person strives to join the nature more and more, he appreciates its harmony and naturalness. Thus, the modern lamps of eco-style appear in interiors of different types. Designers use natural materials: wood, stone, ceramics and even metal. Suspended lamps made from corkwood with the marble imitation can be met in fashionable cafes in Paris and in the kitchens of Michelin restaurants all over the world this spring already.

The classical crystal chandeliers are inspired with the second wind – they were transformed and took their place in neo art-deco style. Just the classic is already boring, but the elegant luxury transformed into practical and imponderable forms decorate the top of palace arches of hotels and halls. Combination of geometrical forms and unexpected mixture of different textures, for instance, metal and crystal, – and a work of lighting art is created.
Mankind realizes now, that the natural resources are limited, and it explains the reasons why light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is in trend nowadays, as we know, compactness and economy are its main advantages. LED lamps are characterized by their highest productivity and they require no special utilization measures. And LED chandeliers are very comfortable in the interior; it is possible to control them remotely by adjusting their brightness and chromaticity. LED strip lighting is, as usual, topical due to its efficiency and possibility to be easily introduced into any interior; it enables to accentuate the necessary elements with the help of light.
Having discussed the forms and materials of lamps of this season it is also necessary to mention about the colors of textiles. Rich and bright nuances, for example, deep yellow, mustard or honey colors are the most popular. As well as all nuances of natural green colors decorate wares with textile lampshades. This color makes an interior quiet and it eliminates the negative emotions. The models of lamps with golden or copper decoration and with brass or bronze basis are also preferable in this season. A slight gilding performed on a rough metal lamp looks elegant and stylish nowadays and it can be easily integrated into ancient antique interiors.

Style Peculiarities of Modern Lamps in an Interior.

Choosing a stylish and beautiful lamp for your flat you should pay your attention not only to a type of a lighting device, but to its style also. Lamps made in Antique style differ with their adjusted proportions, clear composition, precise lines; all these features were so appreciated by the ancient Hellenes. The lighting devices, which look like oil lamps made in the form of stone bowls, and wall torches are stylized in the times of antique Greece. The heavy chandeliers hanging on chains made from bronze, amphora-shaped floor lamps – they all are distinctive elements of an antique style.

Gothic style is a combination of simplicity and elegancy. Therefore, the lamps combine a massive forging and delicate tracery, primitive accessories and ornamental pattern from leaves of clover and ivy. Shining metals and forged iron, crystal and stained glass are peculiar to this style.
Baroque is the later style, which appeared in Italy in the 17th century. Lamps of this style are performed in the luxurious imitation of antiques made from bronze, gold leaf and crystal. The Baroque chandeliers are gorgeous and pompous. Complicated lamp-shades made in the shape of flowers, crystal pendants, three-candlesticks gathered into the united composition – each element demonstrates gorgeousness and pomposity.
The skittish and pretentious style of Rococo is easy to distinguish by its complicated composition based on floristic elements, statuettes of amurs and cherubs. The lamps of the most gallant epoch are crystal pendants, chandeliers, which resemble a cascades from glass and light, semi-meter candelabrums.
Classical lamps in the style of Classicism are the simple and elegant ones, at that they are practical and convenient in use. To be moderate, but majestic and imposing is the main principle of the classics. The most popular design is created with the help of chandeliers with hornlike, spherical or cylinder-shaped shades with the moderate decoration.
Empire style can be easily distinguished by chandeliers. The floriferous wreathes, statuettes of the Graces or shields decorated by gilded carving and incrusted by jewels are in base of the lamps of this style.
The basic materials for creation of lamps in Imperial style are bronze, silver, copper as well as precious sorts of wood, natural stones and, certainly, crystal.
Romanticism style prefers delicacy and intimacy in lighting. The candle-shaped lamps equipped with the lighting capacity control, floor lamps decorated by lacy shades, tiny, tidy sconces will help to create an atmosphere of warmth and placidity. Light, imponderable chandeliers characterize this style.
High-Tech is one of the latest styles, which came into the world of lighting devices. It is laconic, moderate and functional. Rationalism is its peculiarity. If there are lamps, they should be the halogen and light-emitting diode ones with lusterless shades fixed on stands or brackets. The soffit-shaped lamps, table lamps with chromium-plated and austere accessories, stylish ceiling luminaires are peculiar to this style. The shapes of High-Tech lamps are not rounded, but this very futuristic simplicity is the originality of this style.

Novelties in the World of Lamps.
The design fashion tendencies are of a cyclic character. Sometimes we seem, that designers invented a new form or created a new style trend, but it is only a new look at the already existent things. For instance, when scientific discoveries and cosmonautics came into fashion, they had the influence on industry of lighting lamps – a table lamp made from white plastic and shaped as a space-shuttle was designed. The natural materials are widely used nowadays owing to increased attention to naturalness – for instance, an elegant chandelier made from carved wood or a floor lamp, which looks like a first spring flower grown though.
The novelty of Artemide, an Italian factory being a leader in production of lighting equipment, is to use the most advanced technologies in optics, electronics and materials. The main task of designers was to put ecologically compatible and efficient lighting solutions into an aesthetically attractive shape. Thus, there appeared aluminium flower buds, a floor lamp shaped as a lacy column or extraordinary snow-white cloud of ceiling luminaires. Every of these novelties is not only unique with its shape, but also it has a specific technical solution, which enables to illuminate a living area in the most comfortable and efficient way.
There are thousands of variations of lighting devices! We wish you to choose the very combination of light, design and style, which will be ideally perfect for you.

Lamps of Incredible Beauty
Lamps of Incredible Beauty
Lamps of Incredible Beauty
Lamps of Incredible Beauty
Lamps of Incredible Beauty

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