16 years at the market

The team of professionals

During the period of 16 years Diome Company passed all stages of Ukrainian business development: from a young team of enthusiasts in design and renovation businesses, which realized the most ambitious projects, to a leader, who sets the trends at the market;
who other companies do not only head for, but aim to become similar to.

The individual approach to every client

Building and renovation with no concerns

We thoroughly study a technical task, work out a design project within the conception determined, suggest the best materials and technologies and execute any order/project to its completion.
Diome’s team of professionals controls and guarantees the services of high quality at every working stage. You will revise and accept the work executed in accordance with the estimate and exactly within the terms specified.

Elaboration of exclusive design projects

The best architects and designers of interior

Our team of experts in renovation and building business applies the unique principles.
Based on our client’s desires we combine ecological compatibility, comfort, the best technologies, materials of premium quality within a single space.
We do not create just houses and interior therein. We create a space of energy, where your life becomes more colorful and joyful, for you.

DIOME means that all your most audacious dreams are realized with a filigree mastery and inspiration.
Our team is said to be like heaven-born artisans and creators. From foremen and designers to laborers and builders, we all work daily to achieve the highest results. And each of our projects is marked by a stamp of quality guaranteed by our experience, knowledge and aspiration for perfection.

Reasonable management

The high level of services

All project working stages are stipulated in Contract – we strictly follow them during the building or renovation process. At the same time, the distinct system of inside management enables the whole team to act in a harmonious and system-defined manner. You are marginally involved into the working process. From our side we guarantee to execute services with the high quality and within the terms specified.







Our Mission

From the very moment of foundation of the company we knew, that we want and have possibilities to be the best one at the market of building of elite houses and design renovations of premium class in the South of Ukraine.
Diome is, first of all, a team of experienced and talented professionals in the building and renovation sphere of business. Nowadays we proceed to set working at ambitious projects and perform to our clients such a result, which, like the standard, other companies is headed for in future.
At the same time, it is the client who remains the most important for all our services. His desires and ideas about a house of his dream plus our knowledge, skills, experience and accurate working approach allow to create a house which reflects its owner’s life philosophy.

Undoubtedly, our mission is to remain the best ones increasing the standards of quality in the business sphere of building of elite houses and design renovations.
We work you to get that very perfect house where your joy of everyday living acquires a new sense, and harmony and comfort become your constant companions.
“Life is a Luxury, live in It”!

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